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Salmon Falls River


Salmon Falls River Monitoring Station (South Berwick, ME)
The Salmon Falls River sonde is located in the center channel of Salmon Falls River south of the Hamilton House in South Berwick, ME. The sonde is deployed in a vertical position approximately 0.25 m above the seafloor. Deployment is seasonal, usually from July 1st and October 1st. The site is impacted by urban stormwater and the effluent of five upstream wastewater treatment plants

This site is not equipped with a telemetry system. As such, data is stored on the sonde's internal memory and is downloaded regularly as part of the normal maintenace program.
Site and System
43 04 12.00N
70 42 38.40W
Water depth (MLW)
0.5 meters
(1.63 feet)
Tidal range
2.7 meters
(8.86 feet)
Maximum tidal velocity
0.4 m/s
(1.3 ft/s)
Bottom type
Telemetry system
Records to memory

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