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Greenland Weather Station


Great Bay Meteorological Station (Greenland, NH)
Our meteorological station is located in Greenland, New Hampshire in a cleared field on the eastern shore of Great Bay. Sensors mounted on a 20 foot tower measure wind speed and direction, rain fall, air temperature, barometric pressure, relative humidity, and solar radiation.

Measurements are taken every 15 minutes and once an hour the data is uploaded using a Campbell Scientific satellite tranmitter. Wind vane and radiation the solar radiation sensor are mounted at the top of the tower. Air temperature., relative humidity, rainfall and barometric pressure are measured 5 feet (1.5 meters) above ground level to comply with CDMO specifications.
Site and System
43 03 29.00N
70 49 53.00W
Tower height
6.1 meters
(20 feet)
Telemetry system
Campbell Scientific
Satellite transmitter

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