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Squamscott River


Squamscott River Recent Measurements
The telemetry system at the Squamscott River system is mounted to an abandoned piling located mid-channel in the Squamscott River at the Boston and Maine Railroad bridge in Stratham, NH. The sonde is deployed one meter above the sea bed in a perforated pipe. Like all the YSI 6600 sondes deployed in Great Bay, it measures depth, dissolved oxygen, oxygen saturation, pH, conductivity, salinity, temperature and turbidity. These measurements are taken every half hour.

The water quality of Squamscott River is influenced by urban stormwater, agriculture, two municipal wastewater treatment plants and residential septic systems located up river.

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Temperature (C)
Spec Cond (mS/cm)
Salinity (PPT)
DO (%)
DO (mg/L)
Depth (meters)
Turb FNU (FNU)
Bat (V)

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